Robyn Bauer
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2007 Chess Exhibition

Chess is a mirror of the infinite possibilities of the human mind. It is a pure form of communication with a unique and unusual set of symbols.
The fundamental principle of the chessboard is the basic layout of a temple or city with the black/white squares infinitely reproducing themselves in the unfolding of space.
The game is adversarial but the sides are evenly matched. It is a game of skill, strategy, manipulation, instinct and forethought.
There are only two outcomes. Either you win or someone else wins.
The concept of chess and the chess sets themselves are full of symbolism. I have tied this in with my bird symbolism obsession. Each piece represents so much more than the obvious.
Pawns are usually dispensable and can be manipulated by greater powers, but in chess pawns have the potential to improve their status. If they plod away like good foot soldiers they can be rewarded when they reach the other side of the board. They are usually indistinguishable from each other but mine are all different. Their sizes and markings vary.
In Germany the pawn is a Bauer.

Seed of an Idea Tree of Pawns Flight Strategy Castling Bird in the Hand Contemplates a Move We've Played this Game Before Attainment The King's Court Tactical Manoeuvre Aerial Move Two Birds in the Hand Insight Chess Set Chess Set (White) Seventy-two Symbolic Souls The Illuminated Eye Hand Tree Winning Queen Pawn Hand Birds Tall Hand Birds