Robyn Bauer
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2005 Eggs

Genesis - The Egg Story

A Ceramic Installation of 40 eggs

The humble egg embodies a world of symbolism. It can represent wholeness, fertility, birth, re-birth and resurrection. It is the egg that creates new life and therefore represents the very origin of life.

For this intallation I made 40 individual eggs. They were hand built from buff raku clay as part of a daily ritual for 40 consecutive days. Each piece has its own unique shape just as each real egg in nature is distinctive.

The symbols I have used to paint my eggs are drawn from the creatures of Greek mythology and medieval bestiaries. I have also looked at how these symbols have been interpreted by artists such as Rubens. I have used my own personal bird imagery which I have been developing for many years. Each piece took a full day to paint and I have also used real gold leaf on the surface.

Images of hands which can build, create, heal and caress are also included everywhere, as are the plant forms which have obsessed me in my Garden of Eden series.

The egg also of course represents the soul. They are precious objects full of positive life force. They embody "Potential" in its truest sense