Robyn Bauer
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2006 Bird Symbolism

My obsession with birds and bird symbolism has been with me for many years. The significance of both my names being bird names has of course occurred to me.

Leonardo said "The cat is perfection" and I'm sure that's true, but perfection is also the bird. A little set of bones and fluids and a few feathers and it can actually fly; actually have its total weight suspended on the air currents. I think the cat chases after the bird because it wants some of that perfection.
My artwork is inspired by the simplest of things,- the bird, the hand, the tree but these simple objects have become so multi-layered with meanings through their depiction by millenia of artists. To me they are iconic forms and symbolise practically everything there is to say about life. I like to hint at these other meanings, and their interconnectedness.

Messenger of the Gods Witness to the Two Realms Message Venus in the Garden Leda and the Swan Chiron's Messenger