Robyn Bauer
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2011 Florilegium

These paintings consist of an A -Z of flowers and are the original works created for  the book "Floriligeum" published in 2011. I have chosen one flower for each letter of the alphabet and researched its meaning and symbolism.

The Book -  Florilegium A is for Azalea B is for Begonia C is for Camellia D is for Daylily E is for Eucalypt F is for Frangipani G is for Geranium H is for Hyancinth I is for Iris J is for Jacaranda K is for Kangaroo Paw L is for Lotus M is for Marigold N is for Narcissus O is for Orchid P is for Poppy Q is for Queen Anne's Lace R is for Rose S is for Sunflower T is for Tulip U is for Umbrella Tree V is for Violet W is for Wisteria X is for Xeranthemum Y is for Yarrow Z is for Zinnia